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An unrivalled panel of speakers across the biomass supply chain:
Yoshinobu Kusano, General Manager, Biomass Business, Sumitomo Corporation
Yoshinobu Kusano
General Manager, Biomass Business, Materials and Supplies Business Development & Promotion Dept
Sumitomo Corporation

Yoshinobu Kusano joined Sumitomo Corporation in 1978. From 2000 – 2006, he was the Deputy General Manager and was involved in the management of woodchip projects. Since 2007, he is in charge of the development of Sumitomo’s biomass business.
Eisuke Nomura, Director, Biomass Fuel Co
Eisuke Nomura
Biomass Fuel Co

In 2009, Mr Nomura was a key player in building Human & Eco Energy Resources in Malaysia and was responsible for launching the utilization of PKS as biomass fuel in the Japanese market. The PKS business has since been expanded to Indonesia where Biomass Fuel Co was established.
Jeffrey Skeer, Senior Programme Officer, International Renewable Energy Agency
Jeffrey Skeer

Senior Programme Officer
International Renewable Energy Agency

Jeff Skeer is Senior Programme Officer for Technology Cooperation at the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). He is currently working to assess the sustainable potential for expansion of bioenergy. From 2004 to October 2012, he worked in the Office of European and Asian Affairs, Office of Policy and International Affairs, United States Department of Energy (DOE). He was DOE’s delegate to the Energy Working Group of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and chaired the APEC Biofuels Task Force.
Jim Nicholson
Jim Nicholson

Senior Vice President Asia

Jim Nicholson is responsible for all Asian business development and editorial activity at Argus, based out of the company’s Singapore office. He previously worked in the London headquarters as Global Business Development Manager, responsible for developing Argus’ coverage and use in contracts particularly for coal, natural gas, electricity and emissions markets. In that role he has been responsible for the launch of Argus Global LNG, Argus Biomass and Argus Freight amongst other services, as well as developing pre-existing products.
Ngo Sy Hoai, Vice Secretary General, Vietnam Timber and Forest Product Association (VIFORES)
Ngo Sy Hoai

Vice Secretary General
Vietnam Timber and Forest Product Association (VIFORES)

Since 2003, Ngo Sy Hoai has been the Vice Secretary General of VIFORES and a director of an EU-funded project on promotion of sustainable wood industries amongst SMEs of Vietnam. Prior to it, he was a senior staff in the International Cooperation Department (ICD) at Ministry of Forestry (MoF), in charge of forestry cooperation with Japan and EU, and the integration of Vietnam forestry into international initiatives/processes toward sustainable forest management and responsible wood processing and trading.

Masaki Mita 100
Masaki Mita

Head of Japan Office

Masaki Mita runs the Argus Japan office. He develops business strategy and advises Japanese market participants of the benefits of using independent price assessments. He previously worked as an energy market reporter at other international and local energy price reporting agencies, where he built his experience and knowledge in a variety of markets in Asia-Pacific.
Kim Ji-Eung, CEO, Shin-Young E&P and President, Forest Biomass Energy Association

Kim Ji-Eung
CEO, Shin-Young E&P and President
Forest Biomass Energy Association

Mr Kim is the president of Forest Biomass Energy Association in Korea and the CEO of Shinyoung E&P Co. and SY Energy Co.
Craig Jackson, General Manager, Cellmark Asia

Craig Jackson
General Manager
Cellmark Asia

Craig Jackson has over 35 years in the forest product sector and is currently based in Singapore. His previous positions include director of Green Pellet Sarawak, managing director of Sierra Fibres division of CellMark and general manager(Asia) of CellMark Pulp.
Timothy Ong, Senior Vice President, Agensi Inovasi Malaysia

Timothy Ong
Senior Vice President
Agensi Inovasi Malaysia

Timothy Ong is the Senior Vice President of Malaysia’s National Innovation Agency (AIM), under the Prime Minister’s Department. He heads the National Biomass Strategy Delivery Unit (1MBAS), an execution unit for NBS2020 launched by the Honorable Prime Minister of Malaysia in 2012 to accelerate progress and development of Malaysia’s biomass industry.
laura tovey fall

Laura Tovey-Fall
Editor, Argus Biomass Markets

Laura has been with Argus since June 2013 and became editor of Argus Biomass Markets in late 2015 following a stint on the natural gas desk. She launched Italian premium wood pellet prices in March to capture an important segment of European demand.

Representative, Holman Fenwick Willan
Representative, Association of Bioenergy IPP Developers in Indonesia







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