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Methodology and Reference

The Argus Spot Ticker is backed up by a robust methodology, which like all Argus methodologies is transparent, audited and endorsed by global market authorities.

You want a trusted source for your pricing information. But you have been down this road before. You want to verify. Your management and your shareholders want reliable, audited and broadly endorsed benchmarks. You want all your vendors to adopt best practices like you do. Argus understands and we have listened.

For every price that Argus produces we publish a detailed methodology, so you know how the price was created. The Argus Spot Ticker Methodology and Specification Guide is your guide to the inner workings of our prices.

Argus delivers entire-day pricing methodologies to the gasoline and diesel markets. And it is because of this methodological transparency that companies across the US are switching to using Argus prices to price bulk terminal supply, spot transactions and internal transfer pricing.

Argus is also fully compliant with the IOSCO Principles for Price Reporting Agencies, and annually passes a review conducted by a big four audit firm which drills down into the details of our reporting practices. In addition, the Argus internal compliance team regularly conducts even deeper reviews in all our global offices. 

White Paper 
Argus Spot Ticker methodology explained