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Product Features

Rapidly updated spot market differentials

Argus polls the market for the best bid/best offer and provides frequent updates throughout the day to give you the most accurate transactable value. You get the differentials and the prices (differential + moving Nymex price) immediately.

Benchmark prices in the critical early afternoon

At 1:30 and 2:30 CST, the Argus Spot Ticker gives you a full array of prices assessed at those timestamps. The 1:30 price allows you to align prices with the critical Nymex settlement. The 2:30 price provides marketers with a market call that can be used to set rack prices or predict rack prices.

Live spreads between spot markets

The Argus Spot Ticker gives you live spreads between markets, such as New York and Houston, Tulsa and Chicago, and more. These are updated as rapidly as the differentials change.

Finished gasoline prices

Your gasoline is now a blend, the value of which is always in motion. We provide finished conventional and RFG gasoline prices in four major markets at 1:30 and 2:30 CST to set or predict rack prices.

News about your customers, competitors, suppliers

The deep and global Argus news team covers topics including infrastructure, market activity, acquisitions, exports and global issues affecting prices. 

Additional Features

  • Open/High/Low/Close: The calculated open and close prices shown on the Argus Spot Ticker are time-stamped at 8:00 and 4:00. And the lowest and highest price will be monitored all day so you know the full range of movement.

  • Octane premiums: Just like the regional spreads, you get the spread between premium and regular gasoline in all markets, updated live throughout the day.

  • Futures prices: You will get a Nymex feed and can upgrade to a live feed for RBOB, ULSD and WTI from CME. Also see intermonth and crack spreads.

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