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  • Pricing analysts and managers
    • See how prices develop over the course of the day in real time in advance of your afternoon pricing decisions.
    • See all movements in your core markets and developments in related markets as well. Armed with this information, you determine how much fuel you should keep versus how much you put back on the market.
    • Is this price jump durable? What does it really mean? Argus gives you news and analysis so you can understand the fundamentals driving prices.
  • Marketing professionals
    • Be confident understanding your customers’ behavior by seeing real-time price moves. Predict ratability and anticipate your customers’ buying patterns.
    • Know the volume you need and never get caught off guard by unanticipated market moves.
    • Use benchmark prices from an independent and unbiased source. You can mediate competing interests in your company and expedite decisions.

Anticipate the market