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Argus West Africa Oil

An Argus market service - published daily

This pricing service brings clarity to the west African crude oil and refined products markets.

Argus West African Oil Bulletin uses Argus Consulting Services’ proprietary refining model to generate differentials to more openly traded crudes (Qua Iboe and Girassol) for a range of grades from Nigeria, Angola, Ghana, Republic of Congo, Cameroon, and Gabon. These differentials are then converted to give prices versus North Sea Dated which provides a basis for comparison with other fob priced regional crudes.

Product importers benefit from a new comparison price against which to monitor their imports of gasoline, diesel and heating oil. The service uses European product prices for gasoline, diesel and heating oil and freight rates to create synthetic delivered price markers in West Africa for those products.

This daily service is supplemented every Friday with a round-up of the critical developments in the African crude oil and products markets plus a summary of that week’s African energy news.

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Markets Covered

Crude Oil:

  • Nigeria: Qua Iboe, Abo Blend, Akpo Dated, Antan Blend Dated, EA Blend Dated, Ebok Dated, Ima Dated, Obe Dated, Okono Blend Dated, Okoro Dated, Okwori Dated, Okwuibome Dated, Oyo Dated, Pennington Light Dated, Ukpokiti Dated, Usan Dated, Yoho Light Dated
  • Angola: Cabinda, Mondo, Palanca, Pazflor, Plutonio, Saturno, Saxi
  • Republic of the Congo: Djeno, N’Kossa
  • Cameroon: Kole
  • Gabon: Rabi

Refined Products Markers

  • Gasoline: Argus Eurobob delivered west Africa
  • Diesel: Diesel 10ppm delivered west Africa
  • Heating oil: Heating oil 50ppm delivered west Africe

Key Features

  • Daily pricing of 27 regionally produced West African crude oil grades
  • Daily synthetic delivered price markers in West Africa for gasoline, diesel and heating oil
  • Weekly summary of news affecting the African energy markets


Anyone with exposure to West African crude oil and refined products markets will find the Argus West Africa service essential. African NOCs, refiners, crude lifters, importers, distributors and regulatory authorities will all benefit from subscribing to this new service.

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The Argus app is designed for use with Apple iPad. The app provides instant access to prices, news and analysis. 

Subscribers can also access the current issue of Argus European Products and customise data in graphs.

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