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Argus Direct is the next generation platform from Argus. It is the premium way to access our reports, prices, market insight, fundamentals data and news.

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 Subscribers can log in to Argus Direct here

Argus Direct is fully customisable and provides access to: 

  • Publications: Access your reports and historical publications
  • Prices: Customize your key prices - Export current and historical data - Quick overview of historical trends
  • Charts: Create outright charts to compare different markets - Create spread charts to monitor arbitrage opportunities
  • News & Analysis: Key stories are highlighted - Filters to select most relevant topics and regions
  • Search function: Find publications, prices and articles quickly
  • Alerts: Set up desktop, mobile and email alerts - Receive alerts on key prices and articles as soon as they are published
  • Data and Downloads - Instant access to your fundamentals data

The intuitive interface is easy to set up and customers can quickly build a customised dashboard.  This provides the instant ability to amend and add charts, alter the price history displayed, change the currency as well as set up news feeds.

Argus Direct ensures users are kept on top of fast changing markets, wherever they are.

To subscribe to Argus Direct, please contact your local sales team

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