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Argus European Emissions Markets

An Argus market service, published daily

Argus European Emissions Markets provides daily emissions price assessments and commentary as well as comprehensive market-moving news.

The market-appropriate methodology is developed through regular consultation with market participants. The methodology explains how Argus calculates all major European traded emissions markets, and acts as the foundation for assessments and deal-based indexes.

 View the Argus European Emissions Markets methodology

Markets Covered

  • EUA (European Union Allowances)
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  • CER (Certified Emission Reductions)
  • ERU (Emission Reduction Units)

Argus over-the-counter (OTC) assessments:

  • EU ETS (emissions trading scheme) allowances
  • - spot, four years forward
  • CER (secondary)
  • - spot, Dec 2014–Dec 2016
  • EUA-CER spread
  • - spot, Dec 2014–Dec 2016
  • ERU (secondary)
  • - spot, Dec 2014–Dec 2016
  • CER-ERU spread
  • - spot, Dec 2014–Dec 2016

Argus indexes:

  • EUA daily, monthly and yearly index
  • CER daily, monthly and yearly index

Emissions data:

  • Generation economics for the UK, the Netherlands and Germany - derived from Argus power, gas, coal and emissions assessments
  • EU ETS verified emissions data
  • Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) CER issuances: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Latin America
  • German year-ahead power vs EUA correlation
  • European emissions exchange data
  • European weather forecast
  • Price and volume data from all Chinese pilot ETS schemes 

The market-appropriate methodology lists the specifications of the Argus emissions market assessments, EU ETS and CER indexes, including product coverage, timings, frequency, basis of calculation, time stamp and contract description. View the methodology

Key Features

  • Daily European emissions market news, commentary and analysis
  • Argus OTC assessments
  • Argus indexes
  • Generation economics for the UK, the Netherlands and Germany
  • European emissions exchange data
  • European weather forecasts
  • Easy-to-read graphs and tables
  • Market appropriate methodology
  • In depth coverage of UN climate talks 

Argus European Emissions Markets provides daily coverage about the European emissions markets and is essential reading to ensure you stay informed about daily market movements and latest news.

Data and Downloads

  • GHG emissions by country
  • Chinese pilot emissions trading scheme prices
  • EU European Trading Scheme auction calendar 2016


Argus European Emissions Markets subscribers include emissions traders, middle and back office emissions analysts, planners, risk managers, business development staff, brokers, governments, regulators and participants in the generation fuel industry.

Other customers include investment banks, senior executives, utilities, producers, generators, research bureaus, environmental groups, non governmental organisations (NGOs) and individuals or organisations affected by climate change negotiations.

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Argus Direct is the premium way to access news, analysis, charts and prices. 

Subscribers can now benefit from instant access to emissions fundamentals data including:

  • Chinese pilot emissions trading scheme prices
  • EU ETS auction calendar 2015
  • GHG emissions by country 

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