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Analyzing Petrochemical Feedstock Flexibility 

The Argus DeWitt Petrochemical Feedstocks Seminar is a one day event that will provide you with the knowledge you need to better understand the changing dynamics and economics of the global petrochemical feedstocks market.  Our team of petrochemical experts will share short and long term forecasts for naphtha, LPG, natural gas and NGLs and discuss the trends and economics to watch for in feedstocks.

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Rahul Iyer

 NEW - Guest lunch speaker: 

The future of natural gas to ethylene and liquids technology

Rahul Iyer, Vice President, Corporate Development, Siluria

What you will learn:

Sources, qualities, commercial considerations, pricing and seasonality:

  • Coal, naphtha, LPG and steam cracker by-products 
The impact of different qualities and specifications of naphtha including: 

  • IBP, Paraffins, N+A levels
  • The market value and end markets for heavy naphtha, light naphtha, open spec naphtha and full range naphtha 
Olefins and feedstock flexibility:

  • Key issues to consider including product yields and utilization rates
  • Ethylene and propylene economics and global demand
  • A look at economics for MTO, CTO and PDH spreads 


  • Reforming, octane values
  • Mixed xylenes 
  • Economics of toulene conversion 
  • Gasoline blending and future specification changes (sulfur & octane)

Who should attend:

  • Feedstock Managers
  • Business and Planners and Analysts
  • Commercial Managers and Directors
  • Product Managers
  • Optimization Planners
  • Traders
  • Procurement and Purchasing Personnel 

Argus Condensate & Naphtha Markets Conference 

September 28th - 30th

Houston, TX | Hilton Post Oak Hotel

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