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08.00 Morning registration and networking
09.00 Chairperson's opening remarks

Freddie Staermose, Business Development, Argus


09.10 Keynote speech: Reviewing MGT’s biomass model and its role in the market
  • Looking at MGT’s Teesside project and updates at the power plant
  • Financing the project and exploring key risk-mitigation techniques with long term contracts
  • Identifying key challenges during the construction phase and lessons learned
  • The model for large scale new builds: What is the future for similar projects
  • Exploring the long-term role for large-scale biomass within low carbon power grids
Ben Elsworth, CEO, MGT Teesside 

Exploring the changing global supply and demand dynamics of industrial pellets

  • Assessing the key drivers of pellet consumption in Europe – what’s driving demand?
  • Understanding the supply landscape from the US and its future role as the main exporter
  • Exploring changing logistics and opening up new trading routes
  • When do we expect Asia’s industrial pellet capacity to come on stream?
  • The future: What opportunities lie ahead for alternative renewable commodities from biomass?
Laura Tovey-Fall, Editor, Biomass, Argus

10.10 Morning coffee and networking

Utility panel discussion: Exploring new consumption and capacity and key market challenges for utilities

  • How is current and future policy driving new consumption?
  • Where do we see current investments?
  • What new consumption do we see from mid to large biomass companies in Japan?
  • Will companies with reduced capacity increase it in the coming months?
  • What is the effect of a lack of demand on liquidity on utility companies?
  • What is the demand for imports of palm kernel shells (PKS) and wood chips?
  • What are the procurement decisions for new sourcing and supply? 
  • How will SBP implementation affect timelines for demand growth?
  • What quality checks need to be in place to meet requirements?

Seth Ginther, Executive Director, USIPA


Henry Pease, Biomass Trader, RWE Supply & Trading
Deborah Keedy, Head of Biomass, Drax
Fabien Mehu, Head of Biomass Trading, Engie
Søren Alsing, Head of Fuel, Bioenergy and Thermal Power, Ørsted
Christian Joore, Lead Trader, Vattenfall
Marco Kim, General Manager, Bio Power Business Division, Hanyang Corporation
Nigel Hildyard,
Business Development Director, EP Invest



11.30 How the physical market is connected to the financially settled futures which EEX is offering
  • How does futures work – how is price determined at the exchange?
  • Understanding how futures work in terms of hedging 
  • Assessing how physical trading is linked to the financially settled futures
  • How to set up a benchmark with price transparency 
Robert Seehawer, Business Development, EEX 
12.00 Panel discussion: Overcoming market price risk in an uncertain biomass market
  • Why can companies access the market tomorrow?
  • Improving transparency in pricing to help mitigate price risk
  • Harmonisation of contracts for trading biomass cargoes: to what extent will this work?
  • How can the industry move towards a central contract for trading?
  • What can companies do if prices remain at the spot price?
  • Understanding the concept of financial swap contracts and the market
Freddie Staermose, Business Development, Argus


Robert Seehawer, Business Development, EEX 
Bertrand Meyer, Prime Solutions and Financing Derivatives Execution and Clearing Deputy Global Head Corporate Sales, BNP Paribas
Fabien Mehu, Head of Biomass Trading, Engie 
Benjamin Gibson, Broker, Evolution Markets Ltd
Neil Eckert, Chairman, Incubex 

12.40 Networking lunch



Assessing the outlook on freight rates and the shipping landscape

  • Understanding current and future costs for transportation of biomass
  • Where are freight rates going?
  • Exploring global freight rate and chartering trends to de-risk global activity
  • Looking at different routes to customers
Marc Pauchet, Lead Dry Analyst, Maersk Broker 




Reviewing the winter package and EU strategy to reach targets

  • An update on current proposals and draft for the EU renewables directive
  • Exploring the role of wood pellets in renewable energy
  • Assessing targets to 2030 and the industry’s contribution to cleaner energy
  • How will the EU directive impact the UK due to Brexit?
  • Identifying biomass development across Europe, current use and forecasts of future perspectives
Giulio Volpi, DG Energy, Unit Renewables and Carbon Capture and Storage Policy, European Commission 
 Afternoon coffee and networking
15.50 Exploring the SBP certification system
  • How many certificates have been issued to date?
  • Where are the current and future geo markets? 
  • What are the volumes of SBP certified material?
  • Establishing an IT platform: The SBP data transfer system 1.0
  • Working collaboratively with stakeholders: SBP’s Governance Transition Process
Carsten Huljus, Chief Executive Officer, SBP

Government panel discussion: Assessing national strategies to boost biomass as a renewable

  • How will the EU directive or proposal impact the UK trading market?
  • What options are there for countries to align market specifications?
  • How will new sustainability standards in the Netherlands move the biomass industry forward?
  • What is the future of co-generation and utilisation of waste for heat energy?
  • Integration between regions: How will this work?
  • What are the updates on the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) scheme?
  • What are the next steps for South Korea’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS)?

Carlo Giallombardo, Policy Advisor, AEBIOM


Giulio Volpi, DG Energy, Unit Renewables and Carbon Capture and Storage Policy, European Commission
Mark Elless, Technology Manager, Bioenergy Technologies Office, Department of Energy, USA
Pharoah Le Feuvre, Renewable Energy Division, International Energy Agency (IEA)

17.00 Chairperson's closing remarks

Freddie Staermose, Business Development, Argus
17.10 Close of conference day one
17.10 Networking drinks reception

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08.30 Morning registration and networking
09.30 Chairperson's opening remarks 

Freddie Staermose, Business Development, Argus


09.40 Keynote address: Biomass conversion and a competitive wood pellet market in the energy mix
  • Our new Name and vision - transformation from DONG Energy to Ørsted
  • Identifying key EU trends in renewables and bioenergy
  • Ørsted’s strategy for biomass conversions and future bio-energy activities (alternative biomass, biogas, REnescience)
  • SBP – the market standard for ensuring sustainable biomass
  • How will the wood pellet market mature further with regards to supply and demand, quality, liquidity, certification and sustainability?
Thomas Dalsgaard, Executive Vice President, Ørsted


10.10 Keynote address: Building sustainable partnerships in the Asia market
  • Navigating the current industrial pellet global market and opportunities in Asia
  • How new demand will require new production capacity
  • Delivering quality pellets and working closely to explore specifications and criteria to meet
Thomas Meth, Co-founder and Executive Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, Enviva
10.40 Examining the effect of subsidy standards in Japan and South Korea on biomass demand
  • Exploring supports schemes in Asia and growing consumption of pellets, PKS and wood chips
  • What is the expected demand for biomass based on new support schemes?
  • Understanding any potential risks or shortfalls with subsidy schemes
  • How is Japan evolving in terms of sustainability criteria?
Bill Strauss, President, FutureMetrics 

11.10 Morning coffee and networking
11.40 Japan case study: Increasing renewable energy supply with plant upgrades
  • Updates on the conversion of biomass plants in Japan and timelines
  • Exploring fuel handling upgrades to convert a combination of pellets, wood chips and PKS
  • Reducing overall costs and improving operational efficiency
  • Converting to a power plant fuelled entirely by biomass
Yoshinobu Kusano, Senior Advisor, Renova
12.10 Panel discussion: Exploring new developments in the Asia market and trade opportunities
This panel will assess current demand in Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, China, India, Vietnam and Indonesia
  • Meeting Japan’s demand for wood pellets: exploring new trade flows
  • What is the demand for imports of palm kernel shells (PKS) and woodchips?
  • Understanding the current trends and where the market is heading
  • Assessing mid-scale heat demand to identify supply changes
  • Identifying growth in waste treatment processes
  • Looking at the current export market in Asia-Pacific
Evgeniy Son, Director, Apeiron Agrocommodities


Gordon Murray, Executive Director, Wood Pellet Association of Canada
Brodie Govan, Biomass Broker, Voyage Power
Ted Kim,
Manager i/o Vice President, Samsung
 12.40  Networking lunch


 13.40 Torrefaction’s contribution to a more sustainable biomass industry: Homogenization, bio-coal and bio-char
  • Torrefaction technologies
  • Its’ applications and role in the contribution to a more sustainable biomass industry
  • Current status and future recommendations regarding further R&D
Erik Huis, CEO, CEG B.V.
14.10 Producing high energy black pellets from waste feedstock
Olga Bezlyudova,
Director, Petrochemicals and Infrastructure, Direct Investments Department, Gazprombank

New technological developments: The market potential for black pellet and the impact of biochemicals
  • Black pellet production combined with biorefinery gives new advantages
  • Arbaflame’s technological advancement to produce the lowest cost fuel
Håkon Knappskog, CEO, Arbaflame
Rune Brusletto, R&D Director, Arbaflame 

15.10  Afternoon coffee and networking
15.40 Engineered biocarbons: Next generation biomass products with superior performance to coal
  • Exploring the benefits of advanced pyrolysis technologies in commercial production
  • Producing high purity and cost effective carbon products with significantly higher energy densities than other biomass derived fuels and thermal coals  
  • Using new technologies to improve production efficiencies, product performance, environmental performance, safety, and transportation and storage efficiencies and cost 
James Mennell, CEO, National Carbon Technologies


16.10  Incentives for commercial and domestic boilers and regulatory changes
  • Current policies and regulation in the UK biomass market
  • Understanding new policy updates on the RHI scheme 
  • Assessing various biomass feedstock: how are companies fuelling their boilers?
  • Exploring the different requirements for waste wood, emission certificates and sustainability 
Luke Bailey, Senior Policy Manager, Non-Domestic RHI, Ofgem 
16.40 Chairperson's closing remarks

Freddie Staermose, Business Development, Argus
16.50 Close of conference

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Networking lunch

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