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Argus Emissions Markets 2018 | 6-7 March | Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Argus Emissions Markets released an exclusive pre-recorded webinar and European Carbon Emissions Markets Map for the 2017 event. You may access these resources by clicking on the links below. This page will be updated with new and exclusive content in the lead up to the 2018 event.

ecosphere+ booklet - Bringing value to nature

Download your copy of the ecosphere+ booklet here

European Carbon Emissions Markets Map

Download a map of European Carbon Emissions Markets for a country by country overview of verified emissions and free allocations in 2015.

Information Request your map here

Exclusive webinar

Listen to our pre-recorded webinar that explores legislative developments on the EU ETS, the impact of changing allocations and the impending strengthening of the carbon price.

Information Listen now

Report Download your exclusive interviews with Argus Emissions Markets 2018 experts

Emissions interview thumbnail

Information Click here to download your copy

We interviewed three of our expert speakers to give you an insight into the core issues drivingmarket value in carbon credits trading.

In this exclusive content piece, they share their views:
  • Julie Girling (Rapporteur of the EU ETS) on the future of the EU ETS and the progress of CORSIA
  • Ross McKenzie (EU Regulatory Affairs Manager, Drax Group) on what will be the impact of Brexit
  • Sirui Xiao (Deputy Director, Research and Planning Department, China Emissions Exchange) on the technicalities of China’s nationwide launch
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