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Argus Emissions Markets 2018 | 6-7 March | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Confirmed Speakers

 Adolfo Aiello

 Adolfo Aiello, Director of Climate Change, The European Steel Association (EUROFER)

Adolfo Aiello has been Director Climate and Energy at European Steel Association (EUROFER) since July 2015. He leads the advocacy and technical work on climate and energy issues, including the EU emissions trading scheme (EU ETS), renewables and energy efficiency. Adolfo has 10 years’ experience in Brussels-based trade associations dealing with these topics. He holds an MA in European Studies at the College of Europe and a BA in International Economics.

 Africa Abajas Africa Abajas, Head of Aviation Services, Vertis Environmental Finance

Africa Abajas is Head of Aviation Services at Vertis Environmental Finance, one of the first companies in the world to be involved in carbon markets. Vertis started with project development services under the Kyoto protocol, then expanded into emissions trading and consulting to serve clients on compliance with the EU emissions trading scheme (ETS), the voluntary offsetting of emissions and energy efficiency. Africa joined Vertis in September 2016 and is based in Madrid, continuing her career in the aviation industry focusing on environmental issues. She is responsible for running and developing Vertis’ aviation business line, aviation strategy and product range. Prior to Vertis, Africa worked as Legal and Policy Adviser for the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority. She was responsible for files such as the EU ETS on aviation and was involved in the ICAO process for the development of the Corsia scheme, at a technical and political level. She supported co-ordination among EU states representing the Spanish competent authority through European institutions, industry associations and other stakeholders and participated in European funded projects on biofuels for aviation. Africa started her professional career in a Spanish airline association where she worked as legal adviser on aviation related policy issues, developing and implementing lobbying plans to promote clients’ interests and serving as liaison between clients and policy makers and regulators. Africa has a law degree with a specialisation in international and European law and aviation regulations.

 Tomaz Centrih Tomaz Centrih, Senior Specialist, Holding Slovenske elektrarne (HSE)

Tomaz Centrih is a Senior Specialist at Slovenian power producing company Holding Slovenske elektrarne (HSE). He has been analysing the European energy and carbon market for more than 12 years, with a focus on fundamental and technical analysis, trading strategies and power and climate policies. Tomaz started his career at HSE as a portfolio analyst in 2006 and was later promoted to the post of Head of Portfolio Management, where he was responsible for elaborating short and long-term forecasts for the EU emissions trading scheme (ETS) and the regional electricity market. Tomas holds a master’s in economics from the University of Ljubljana and a degree in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of Maribor, Slovenia.
Koen Coppenholle

 Koen Coppenholle, Chief Executive, CEMBUREAU - The European Cement Association

Before joining CEMBUREAU, Koen was Head of European Affairs for ArcelorMittal (2007-12) and Senior Counsel European Affairs for General Electric (2000-07). Koen was Senior Counsel with the law firm Linklaters (1995-2000) and legal clerk for the Dutch Judge in the European Court of Justice (1992-95). He started his career as a research and teaching assistant in European law at the University of Leuven.

James Cooper

James Cooper, Lead Analyst, Global Environmental Products, BP

James leads BP’s emissions market analytics as part of the global environmental products team. His focus covers the range of markets in which BP is active, including Alberta, California-Quebec, Ontario, RGGI, EU ETS and China. Prior to joining BP, James worked as Lead EU ETS analyst for Bloomberg New Energy Finance. James has a BA in geography from Oxford University.

Tony Gai

Tony Gai, Managing Director, Heng Neng

Tony founded Heng Neng earlier this year, aiming to help China’s market participants manage their risks under China's national carbon trading scheme, which is expected to be launched later this year. Heng Neng will also help international and Chinese companies to access Chinese and international emissions markets.Previously, he was Head of Emissions Trading at PetroChina International. Tony carried out China's first emission allowance trade in 2013, when the first pilot market launched in Shenzhen.     

Brigitta Huckestein

Dr Brigitta Huckestein, Senior Manager Energy and Climate Policy, BASF

Brigitta studied chemistry at the Georg-August University in Göttingen. In 1991, she joined BASF´s plastics research and headed a laboratory where she developed products for new applications and improved production processes. After that, she initiated, led and accompanied a range of technical, communication and advocacy projects in various functions in the plastics department. Key focuses were plastics recycling, sustainability and energy efficiency of plastics. Since 2008 her focus is on energy and climate policy — such as energy efficiency of buildings and in industry, emissions trading and global climate policies. She is active in several industry and chemicals associations on international and national level, including ICCA, Cefic and BDI.

 Kari Kankaanpaa  Kari Kankaanpää, Senior Manager, Climate Affairs, Fortum Corporation

Kari Kankaanpää is Senior Manager, Climate Affairs, for Fortum Corporation in Finland. He has profound expertise and experience in climate change policy and legislation, carbon market and emissions trading, renewable energy and environmental regulation. After working for several years in environmental administration, Kari has held several positions in the energy industry. He has a proven track record in public affairs, interest promotion and stakeholder collaboration, as well as strong advocacy for market-oriented policies and measures as well as low-carbon power generation. Kari is a member of several committees and working groups of energy sector branch organisations and stakeholder groups in Finland and at the EU level. He is a member of Eurelectric’s climate working group and represents his company in the World Bank’s Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition. Kari has a master’s degree in environmental and chemical engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology.
Ross McKenzie

 Ross McKenzie, EU Public Affairs Manager, Drax Group

Ross is EU Public Affairs Manager at Drax, the UK’s largest power station. Previously, he was an adviser to Ian Duncan MEP, Rapporteur of the ETS Phase IV file in the European Parliament. Ross chairs Energy UK’s Brexit and ETS Working Groups.

 Neil Moyes  Neil Moyes, Risk Manager, Fuels and Emissions, Lufthansa

Neil Moyes is a Manager of Fuel Risk at Lufthansa Group and responsible for hedging the fuel needs of the airlines owned by the Group, as well as managing and procuring the emissions certificates. He was previously employed by Lufthansa Consulting as an advisor to airlines, tour operators, governments, investors and aircraft lessors for fleet planning, network management, aircraft procurement/finance with projects globally. Neil worked with the Lufthansa Group Fleet Procurement team to set up their long term fleet strategy targeting to optimize large annual CAPEX expenditure aimed at efficiency improvement, lower fuel burn and lower emissions. Neil has expertise in the aviation market and has been a speaker at various forums for the future development of aviation including Government, OEM’s and the airline industry.
Bernadett Papp

 Bernadett Papp, Senior Market Analyst, Vertis Environmental Finance

After studying at the University of Budapest, Bernadett Papp took her MBA from the University of Lyon. She worked at several investment firms as an equity research analyst specialising in utilities and energy service companies, before joining Vertis Environmental Finance in Budapest, where she has been since January 2012.

Louis Redshaw

Louis Redshaw, Chief Executive, Redshaw Advisors

Louis Redshaw is Chief Executive and founder of Redshaw Advisors, which is dedicated to making companies successful in carbon markets. Redshaw Advisors brings together like-minded, customer focused carbon professionals to educate and advise industry, governments, investors and others with exposure to carbon. Previously, Louis founded and ran for 10 years Barclays Capital’s environmental markets business, creating the largest carbon business by traded volume, globally. His work included standardising trading terms for EUA and CER transactions — similar efforts in the US led to the first trades in California Carbon Allowances (CCAs). In 2009, he initiated a CER portfolio acquisition process that resulted in the purchase of Tricorona in 2010, the third-largest CDM project developer.  He has been a Director CMIA, and Director of IETA for four years, as well as a Director of Tricorona.

Trevor Sikorski

Trevor Sikorski, Head of Natural Gas and Carbon Research, Energy Aspects

Trevor has been analysing European energy and environmental markets for more than 15 years, having held senior analytical research roles with Barclays Capital, Point Carbon, Global Insight and PwC. He has an in-depth understanding of the global markets for generation fuels and carbon, including their fundamentals, trading behaviours, and complex interactions. In 2010, Trevor was named the top carbon market analyst by Environmental Finance magazine and was in Commodity Magazine’s commodities research team of the year in 2011. Trevor is frequently featured in leading media outlets, including the Financial Times, BBC News, Reuters, Bloomberg, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, and Sky News.

Ondrej Strecker

Ondrej Strecker, Senior Strategy Specialist, CEZ

Ondrej has worked for Czech power utility CEZ in the market analysis and prognosis department of the strategy unit since 2009. He focuses on such areas as EU ETS modelling and its design, long term supply-demand balances, and potential overlaps with other European climate policies. He is also active in power demand forecasting, energy efficiency topics and macroeconomic analysis. He holds a degree in economic theory from Prague’s Charles University.

Sirui Xiao

Sirui Xiao, Deputy Director of Research and Planning Department, China Emissions Exchange (CEEX)

Sirui Xiao joined the China (Guangzhou) Emission Exchange (CEEX) in 2014, where he worked and led a wide range of projects in the field of emissions trading mechanism design, carbon finance innovation, carbon allowances allocation, environmental equity and sustainable development. More recently, he has been supporting the development of Chinese national ETS and green finance system in the Guangdong area. He has also been extensively involved in setting up other provincial and divisional exchanges within CEEX, maintenance of exchange membership and business development of carbon finance.

Benedikt von Butler

 Benedikt von Butler, Carbon and Environmental Products Trader, Hartree Partners

Benedikt von Butler is currently leading the international business development of environmental markets at merchant energy trader Hartree Partners. He has been working in carbon markets since 2001, originating, structuring and trading European and international emission rights. He has been advising major financial institutions on carbon trading and is a frequent speaker at carbon conferences. His area of expertise is the EU emissions trading scheme (ETS). Prior roles include sales and trading positions at Citigroup and Mercuria Energy.

Peter Zapfel

Peter Zapfel, Head of Unit, ETS Policy Development and Auctioning, DG Climate Action, European Commission

After joining the commission in 1998, Peter Zapfel worked for the DG for Economic and Financial Affairs and DG Environment. He has represented the commission as a delegation member in several UN climate negotiation sessions. For several years, he was responsible for the economic assessment of climate policy. He has been involved in the commission’s work on emissions trading since 1998. In DG Environment, he has co-ordinated a DG-internal task force for the commission's assessment of national allocation plans for phase two of the EU Emission Trading System. He also served as assistant to the Deputy Director-General of DG Environment and as assistant to the Director-General in DG Climate Action. Prior to his current assignment, he was Head of Unit of the economic analysis and strategy unit in DG Climate Action. He holds academic degrees from the University of Business and Economics in Vienna, Austria, and the John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

 Speaker silhouette Eva Llatas Chamizo, Director of Brussels Office, Iberdrola

Eva Chamizo has been Director of European Affairs and Head of Iberdrola’s Brussels office since October 2015.

In the course of her career, Eva has given internal legal advice and negotiated — as a part of the Spanish delegation in the Council of the European Union — on matters related to the Internal Market and Banking Union, as well as questions regarding EU decision-making processes, legal basis, competences of the institutions and agencies, and EU treaties. She has been Agent to the Court of Justice on behalf of Spain and acted on its behalf in infringement procedures opened by the European Commission. She participated in the Spanish Presidency of the council in 2002 and 2010, chairing working groups. And she was a member of the group of legal experts in the intergovernmental conferences of 2007 (Lisbon Treaty) and 2003-04 (Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe). She was part of the Spanish delegation in the Convention on the Future of Europe.
  Espen Andreassen, Senior Analyst, MKonline

  Jared Braslawsky, Secretary General, RECS International

 Adolfo Aiello
Ross Brown, Principal Fiscal and Policy Analyst, California Legislative Analyst’s Office
Ross Brown is a Principal Fiscal and Policy Analyst with the California Legislative Analyst’s Office, the non-partisan fiscal and policy advisers to the state legislature. Ross works on budget and regulatory issues related to energy, climate change, and air pollution for the office. He has authored several reports related to the state’s cap- and-trade programme and testified at several legislative hearings related to cap-and-trade.
  Pedro Moura Costa, Founder and President, BVRio Environmental Exchange
  Stefano Da Clara, Director, International Policy, IETA
  Julie Girling, Rapporteur of the EU ETS, European Parliament
  Cédric de Meeûs, VP Public Affairs, LafargeHolcim
 Adolfo Aiello
Julia Michalak, EU Policy Director, IETA 

Julia Michalak is EU Policy Director at the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), a non-profit business organisation that promotes the establishment of a functional global framework for trading greenhouse gas emission reductions.
Prior to joining IETA, Julia worked for several years on EU climate policy in research institutes and the non-governmental sector.

  Giuseppe Montesano, Chair of Environment and Sustainable Development Policies Committee, Eurelectric & Deputy Director, Enel Foundation
 Adolfo Aiello
Tobias Munk, Head of Options Trading, CEZ

Tobias Munk has spent the past two years as the Head of Options Trading at Cez, having previously been the Head of Fuel and Carbon Trading at Axpo Trading. Tobias has been the leader of emissions trading teams at leading companies for over seven years, following a spell as a Senior Emissions Trader at Eon, and has been trading for more than 20 years. Quick to assimilate new ideas and concepts, Tobias is a skilled team player driving productive environments. Tobias has undergone extensive training in the practical and theoretical application of options trading and other derivatives and their application to optimisation and flexibility management.
  Ricardo Rossi, Director, Wholesale Gas and Energy Trading Regulation, Centrica
  Miguel Simon, Emissions Analyst, Yara International
  Gabrielle Sommers, Deputy Director, Internal Market Affairs Directorate, EFTA Surveillance Authority

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Espen Andreassen, Senior Analyst, MKonline
Espen Andreassen, Senior Analyst, MKonline

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