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For more information about the 2017 agenda or if you are interested in speaking, please contact the conference team:

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Pre-Conference Focus Day: Competing Fuels | Monday 4 December 2017

Attend Argus’s Competing Fuels Focus Day to understand more about how naphtha, petrochemicals, LNG, and transportation fuels affect the LPG industry.

Our exclusive pre-conference focus day will bring together stakeholders from Europe and beyond to examine key developments and opportunities across the LPG and competing fuels markets. Led by the Argus Consulting team, attendees will choose an area of interest from the competing fuels landscape to discuss with like-minded colleagues. Subjects to include: LNG, naphtha and petrochemicals, transportation fuels and other areas.

Your topic leaders will include:

Joe DuffyJoe Duffy
Principal Petrochemicals
Consulting, EAME
Kristen MuellerKristen Mueller
Senior LPG
& LNG Analyst
Matthew Wright
Senior Analyst

Ice-breaker drinks reception

Round up the focus day with an evening of relaxed networking with fellow delegates. Please follow directions from the Argus staff.

Main Conference Day One | Tuesday 5 December 2017


Registration and Coffee

09.40 Conference Producer’s Welcome
Tonika Campbell, Conference Producer, Argus Conferences

Chairman's opening remarks
Nick Black, Vice President of LPG, Argus 

09.50 Crude Oil Pricing and LPG Pricing: A General Picture
  • Crude oil price overview and outlook
  • Eastern European pricing update: How is this affecting activity in the Black Sea and Mediterranean region?
  • Assessing how crude oil weighs on LPG pricing: What are the results of this within the shale gas and oil producer price war?
  • How will crude price fluctuation affect demand and supply?
Francis Osborne, Head of forecasting, Crude Oil and Refined Products, Argus Consulting
Assessing Product Availability in Europe: Eastern Europe Vs. The Med
  • Assessing product availability in Europe: Eastern Europe vs. the Mediterranean region
  • Finding the right product at the right price: Will the US remain the price setter?
  • A trader’s perspective: Arbitrage in the current market 
  • New LPG terminals: How that will this effect pricing
David-Arthur Nabet, LPG Trader, LUKOIL Pan-Americas
10.30 Russian LPG Market Overview
  • LPG supply and demand outlook
  • Overview of petrochemical development in Russia
  • Assessing the Russian LPG export potential

Aleksey Markov, Director, Hydrocarbons Feedstock Sales and Marketing, SIBUR

 11.00 Five in a Row Networking Game
Morning Networking Break
11.45 Market Evolution: The Progression of the French LPG Market
  • LPG market evolution in the context of energy transition
  • Autogas development in France
  • Development of BioLPG: initiative in France
Emilie Coquin, Public Affairs and Communication Manager, French Committee of Butane and Propane
12.05 Autogas: A Mobility Solution for Europe
  • State of play in Europe
  • EU policy framework overview
  • Key success factors
  • Obstacles and opportunities
Cécile Nourigat, Autogas Manager, AEGPL
12.30 From Storage Provider to an Industrial Integrated Partner
  • Translating and anchoring client's needs by providing and integrating the best technical and operational tailor-made solutions 
  • Integrating customer processes
  • How to implement safety, accuracy and reliability 
Nancy De Groof,Regional Director Commercial & Business Development, Oiltanking Europe 
Michel Ruttens, Managing Director, Oiltanking Antwerp Gas Terminal NV
13.00 Lunch Break
14.40   The Off Grid Commercial Market in Britain: Challenges and Opportunity
  • British market growth in commercial LPG sales
  • LPG’s benefits and appeal versus oil
  • Industry’s response and raising awareness
  • The digital campaign: Joining forces and working together
  • Domestic challenges and government policies
Rob Shuttleworth, Chief Executive, UKLPG
 15.10 Panel Discussion LPG Storage Capacity, Shipping and Infrastructure
  • Transportation restrictions in eastern Europe
  • Capacity in western Europe
  • The Panama Canal expansion
  • The growing need to shift source of supply over summer: What does this mean for storage?
  • Growing competition from the US: Does Europe have enough storage facilities to compete with the US
Panellist: Kristen Mueller, Senior LPG & LNG Analyst, Argus
Panellist: Guray Isikguner, LPG Import Manager, OMV Petrol Ofisi 
 15:40 Innovative, Modular and Flexible Membrane Solutions to Foster LPG
  • VLGC, innovative designs to comply with IMO 2020 and bring more revenue
  • Gravity Based Structure (GBS), modular solutions for near-shore storage
  • Floating Power Plant (FPP), flexible solutions for near-shore power
Melodie Norris, Business Development Manager, GTT
Afternoon Coffee Break
 16.30 Assessing the Developments of Autogas in the Balkan Peninsula
  • Autogas overview in the Balkan region
  • Increasing competition from electric vehicles: Measuring LPG car emissions to demonstrate the benefits of autogas
Lilian Alexandru, General Manager, Rompetrol Gas
 16:50 Innovation and Development of LPG in the Petrochemical Industry
  • Petrochemical demand for LPG
  • LPG usage in the petrochemical industry
  • Petrochemical feedstock dynamics and consumption in crackers 
  • What does cheap ethane mean for the petrochemical market?
José Manuel Manrique, LPG Trading Manager, Repsol
 17.10 Developments in Shale Gas and the Impact on the LPG Industry
  • What does more shale gas mean for export facilities in the US?
  • What does the “Trump effect” mean for shale?
  • Will the US continue to have an impact on this market?
  • What is the outlook for arbitrage?
Thomas Carlisle, Gas Analyst, Gibsons Shipbrokers

Chairman's Closing Remarks
Nick Black, Vice President of LPG, Argus 

 17.50 Networking Drinks Reception

Main Conference Day Two | Wednesday 6 December 2017
Registration and Coffee
Chairman’s Recap
Nick Black
, Vice President of LPG, Argus Consulting
 09:00 NGL pricing in relation to Petrochemicals
  • NGL prices And petrochemical margins in a low crude price world
  • Feedstock cost advantage of ethane versus naphtha
  • Lowe crude oil prices and production growth of all NGLs
Christophe Casabonne, Global Energy Management, Co-Head NGLs, ENGIE
 09.30 Examining the LPG Market in Turkey
  • Developments in the Turkish LPG market
  • Amount of consumption, production and imports or exports 
  • Investment in storage in Turkey
Guray Isikguner, LPG import manager, OMV Petrol
 10.00 New Use Cases of LPG: Beyond Heating and Cooking
  • Analysing new technologies in this market space
  • Evaluating the use of LPG for domestic and industrial use: Lawnmowers and generators
  • How will new energy efficiency legislation affect the growth of new usages of LPG?
Rebecca Ball, Sales Manager, Greengear Global
10.30 Morning Coffee Break
 11:00 Cafe Roundtable Afternoon
Returning for 2017 are the Cafe Roundtables; a format designed to create the environment of a cafe. Sign up to our roundtable sessions with 30 of your peers — places are limited to ensure maximum interaction

Roundtable 1: Developments in the Autogas Market 
Led by: Cécile Nourigat, Autogas Manager, AEGPL

Roundtable 2: The Current LPG Shipping Landscape and De-risking Trading Strategies
Led by: Nicola Williams, Director, Clarksons Platou

Roundtable 3: Petrochemical Feedstock Dynamics and Consumption in Crackers
Led by: Emma Reiss, LPG Editor, Argus

Roundtable 4: Future Innovations and Developments in Synthetic LPG
Led by: Nikos Xydas,Technical Director, WLPGA
 11:45  Roundtable Leaders Conclusions
12:00  Heavy Oils and Industrial Usage: Opportunity to Grow LPG Industry
  • Increasing usage of LPG as an alternative to heavy fuels for industrial usage
  • How will CO2 emissions regulation impact LPG demand?
  • Assessing the role of distributors within the switch from heavy oils to LPG and natural gas 
  • Slovenian case study on replacing heating oil with LPG: Renovating boiler rooms; including replacement of boilers and burners
  • Implementing different energy solutions in industrial and public sector setting to increase savings on cost and to reduce emissions
Borut Sočič, Head of LPG Development, Petrol Slovenia
 12.30 Lunch Break
 13.30 The Outlook for Asia
  • Analysing the demand increase in China
  • Demand overview in south and southeast Asia
  • What is the impact of Asia on Europe?
  • How have southeast Asian economies increased demand for LPG
  • Analysing development in butane-heavy LPG consumptuon in Indonesia and India
David Appleton, Senior LPG Analyst, Argus Consulting
The Marine Market: Is There Opportunity for LPG?
  • What is the potential for LPG in heavy trucks?
  • LPG and diesel mix as a potential solution 
  • Post IMO and outboard engines: Local fishing and leisure boats
Diogo Barros, Head of LPG Bulk Business, Galp
14.30 Chairman's Closing Remarks
Nick Black
, Vice President of LPG, Argus
14.40 Afternoon Break
15.10 Close of Conference

Forecasting and adapting to a volatile pricing environment 
  • Understanding the market and influencing factors of LPG pricing
  • Assessing the impact of lower crude prices on LPG
  • Where will prices be in the next 12-18 months?
  • Looking at regional pricing for LPG and the factors driving change
Forecasting and adapting to a volatile pricing environment 
  • Understanding the market and influencing factors of LPG pricing
  • Assessing the impact of lower crude prices on LPG
  • Where will prices be in the next 12-18 months?
  • Looking at regional pricing for LPG and the factors driving change
Forecasting and adapting to a volatile pricing environment 
  • Understanding the market and influencing factors of LPG pricing
  • Assessing the impact of lower crude prices on LPG
  • Where will prices be in the next 12-18 months?
  • Looking at regional pricing for LPG and the factors driving change



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