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Argus Fertilizer Brazil

Formerly Argus FMB Fertilizer Brazil

Published weekly in English and Portuguese, this new service offers detailed coverage of the country’s four main trading regions with 47 key price assessments. Opportunities, crop prices versus key NPK blends, charts displaying trends on imports and local prices are also included.

Markets Covered

  • Nitrogen, including urea, sulphates and nitrates
  • Phosphates, including MAP, DAP, TSP and SSP
  • Potash
  • NPKs
  • Phosphoric acid
  • Phosphate rock
  • Sulphur
  • Sulphuric acid
  • Freight and port costs

Key Features 

  • Comprehensive market coverage and inland prices for the country’s four main agricultural regions:
    1. Central-west ( Rondonopolis, Sorriso, Catalao and Rio Verde)
    2. South (Rio Grande and Paranagua)
    3. Southeast (Paulinia, Uberaba, Uberlandia, Santos, Cubatao, and Vitoria)
    4. Matopiba (Itaqui, Luis Eduardo Magalhaes and Aratu) 
  • 18 CFR Brazil prices 
  • 29 domestic price assessments, including 5 benchmark NPKs
  • 12 international freight assessments
  • Local logistics (10 inland freight and port cost assessments and shipping line-ups for six major ports. Ports include Rio Grande, Paranagua, Santos, Vitoria, Aratu and Itaqui)
  • Brazilian barter system (agricultural products for NPKs)
  • Demand fundamentals focused on 5 main agricultural products: soybeans, corn, sugarcane, coffee and cotton
  • News coverage: investments and strategy, merges and acquisitions, financial results, events, politics and legislation


Readers include companies involved in the Brazilian fertilizer market, international and domestic fertilizer producers, blenders, trading companies and consumers such as agriculture producers and cooperatives.

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