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Argus NPKs

Formerly Argus FMB NPKs

The increasing awareness of the crucial need for balanced fertilization, along with the development of NPK production technologies and formulations, is driving tremendous growth in the NPK sector.  

Argus NPKs is the first report of its kind and provides readers with up to date information about the international trade of NPKs. It includes global industry news and analytical commentary to aid market participants improve their business decisions. The report also details news on major export and imports hubs including Russian weekly exports by grade, producer and destination and monthly Ukrainian imports by grade, producer and country of origin. 

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Key Features

  • Detailed table on Africa tenders  
  • Key import/export market commentary 
  • NPK compound and blend price comparison 
  • Supply, demand and price updates
  • Summary of latest deals and related nutrients markets
  • Global agricultural and market news 
  • Dry bulk fertilizers freight assessments


As the importance of NPKs becomes more widely recognised, anyone with exposure to the global NPK market will find this report essential reading, including fertilizer producers, trading companies, importers and distributors, as well as private buyers.

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