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Argus Quarterly Potash Outlook

Formerly Argus FMB Quarterly Potash Outlook

The long-established Argus Quarterly Potash Outlook report provides forward prices for the next three months and three quarters for key markets. Utilising data and research complied by Argus Consultancy Services, this report presents comprehensive assessment and analysis of the global potash industry. All data that is displayed within the report pdf, can also be accessed in an Excel file via Data and Download.  

Potash price forecasts covered

  • Vancouver fob
  • FSU fob
  • SE Asia cfr
  • Brazil cfr (granular)
  • Europe cfr € (granular)

Key Features

  • Forward looking analysis and price forecasts for the next three months and three quarters
  • Regional market summary, including bull and bear factors
  • Inventory and agriculture analysis
  • Netbacks map with highlighted prices
  • Assessment of major new capacity and plant updates

Data & Downloads

This service also features downloadable market data published in spreadsheet format.


The report serves those in need of a forward picture of the international potash market. Subscribers include traders producers, strategists and analysts and suppliers of raw materials as well as service providers such as freight.

The forecast are also useful for financial institutions and investment houses, as well as government and non-government organisations.

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