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Argus World NPK Outlook to 2031

An Argus Strategy Report

NPK is a collective term for fertilizers containing 2 or 3 fertilizer macronutrients, which can cover several distinctly different process types and scores of formulations. World trade in NPK fertilizer is around 21 million t/y. NPK fertilizers address many significant issues for farmers such as reducing application costs and increasing nutrient and water use efficiency, as well as bringing higher returns in crop yields and quality.

Several key differentiating characteristics of NPKs will continue to support a steady growth in consumption:

  • The increasing awareness of the crucial need for balanced fertilization
  • The addition of significant and regular additions of potash to the fertilizer programme
  • The need to reduce farm labour costs by applying multiple nutrients simultaneously in one product
  • The development of NPK production technologies and formulations tailored to soil and crop specific needs
  • Producers’ aims to create niche premium products and capture more value in the fertilizer chain

The Argus World NPK Outlook to 2031 is an annual multi-client report, and part of the suite of Argus’ annual fertilizer strategy reports.

This report examines the production and supply of NPK by producer, country and region. The report provides an analysis of the market drivers for NPK demand growth, and an overview of its international trade. It also includes NPK price forecasts through to 2031.


The Argus World NPK Outlook to 2031 presents essential insights, analysis and guidance for producers and consumers of NPK products, as well as analysts, researchers and investors in all branches of the fertilizer industry.

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