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Argus LPG Outlook

An Argus monthly price forecast service.

Argus LPG Outlook is a monthly price service that forecasts key LPG prices up to two years into the future, with accompanying commentary and analysis. The report also offers a view on global and regional market fundamentals.

Prices covered:

  • US: Mont Belvieu propane and butane, US Gulf Coast export propane
  • Europe: Cif ARA propane and butane, cif Lavera butane, daf Brest propane
  • Middle East: Saudi CP propane and butane
  • Asia: Cfr Japan propane and butane

Key benefits:

  • Informs short-term planning/budgeting and decision making
  • Provides a third-party reference price to measure against internal targets
  • Offers an independent view of the market

Key features:

  • Short-term view with monthly prices, commentary and analysis for the coming quarter
  • Full outlook price table
  • Analytical summary of the latest developments and their impact on the market, including supply and demand dynamics, trade flows, and other market drivers
  • Global fundamentals forecast for LPG and ethane
  • Regional fundamentals forecasts for LPG
  • Crude overview and refining economics
  • LPG freight economics and arbitrage analysis
  • All data updated monthly where appropriate, to ensure the reader is fully up-to-date with the latest developments 


This service will be most beneficial for LPG producers, traders, distributors, risk managers, and brokers.

Published twice a month, Argus LPG World provides industry and company news, trading and inventory information, as well as LPG shipping information and monthly prices. 

The report also publishes regular market-leading surveys, including detailed yearly studies of storage, shipping and autogas.

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