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Argus LPG World Map

Argus is delighted to bring you the LPG World Map. Features of the map include:

  • Major inland, coastal and floating storage facilities
  • Major terminals
  • Production and consumption data for over 120 countries globally
  • Major international trade routes with shipping times
  • LPG vessel types and BW global shipping fleet information
  • US & Canada LPG pipelines
  • East Europe & Russia rail routes
  • Map size: 1,470mm x 891mm (available folded or laminated)
  • Tables and graphics feature:
    • Regional prices
    • LPG chemical, domestic, refinery, industry, transport and agricultural consumption
    • LPG imports
    • LPG exports
    • LPG production from refining and gas processing
    • Autogas vehicle fleets
Argus LPG World Map 2015

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Argus European LPG Markets 2017 bump banner

170+ key representatives from across the supply chain unite for discussions that shape the future of the LPG industry; from suppliers, distributors and end-users, to the autogas and petrochemical industries.

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Argus Analytics - LPG Service is a brand new intuitive search tool containing historical and forecast LPG fundamentals and international prices up to 2027. 

LPG Tanks

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