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Eurobob oxy (Gasoline)

The Argus Eurobob oxy assessment is used as a benchmark price in gasoline transactions  throughout northwest Europe. Eurobob is an unfinished gasoline and the European swaps market shifted to price against this ethanol-ready blendstock in January 2010.

The switch to Eurobob was prompted by EU mandates requiring Europe’s transport fuel pool to contain a minimum of 5.75pc of biofuels by the end of 2010.

The Eurobob assessment is used to price gasoline swaps and physical deals as well as by exchanges for clearing and settlement.

The Argus Eurobob price is based  fob Rotterdam and is published daily in the Argus European Products report.

The Argus Eurobob assessment benefits from a market-appropriate methodology and is not based on a narrow window of trades. All reported gasoline deals are displayed on the Argus European Gasoline Bulletin Board which is available to subscribers and shows intra-day activity. This approach delivers transparency and reliability and creates a price series that is the benchmark assessment for gasoline in northwest Europe.

For full Eurobob specifications, download the Argus European Products report methodology 

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