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Argus Base Oils Outlook

An Argus monthly price forecast service.

Argus Base Oils Outlook is a monthly price service that forecasts 12 months into the future. This service also provides analysis of future price trends and a forward view of the global market fundamentals.

Prices covered:

  • US: Group I SN 150, SN 500, bright stock, Group II N100, N220, N600, 4cst domestic
  • Europe: Group I SN 150, SN 500, bright stock, 4cst fca northwest Europe
  • Middle East: 4cst ex-tank UAE
  • Asia: Group I SN 150, SN 500, bright stock, Group II N150, N500, 4cst cfr northeast Asia, 4cst cfr India, 4cst ex-tank UAE

Key benefits:

  • Facilitates short-term planning/budgeting 
  • Provides third-party reference-price to measure against internal price-targets 
  • Reduces exposure to spot-market volatility

Key features:

  • Major Group I, II and III base oil price forecasts from the US, Europe and Asia 
  • Full outlook price table
  • Regional price forecast analysis and commentary
    • Analytical framework 
    • Price trend analysis with reference to seasonality patterns and fundamentals 
    • Intra-grade spreads 
    • Intra-group spreads 
    • Gasoil/diesel spreads
  • Base oils plants' maintenance and shutdown table


This service will be most beneficial for base oils producers, blenders, traders and lube consumers.