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Argus Bitumen

An Argus market service, published weekly

Argus Bitumen provides weekly commentary and a wide range of price assessments for domestic and export bitumen/asphalt markets in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region. Freight rates are also assessed for bitumen cargo shipments moved by sea-going tankers in those regions.

Argus Bitumen Assessments

  • Mediterranean, as well as northwest and central European domestic bitumen prices
  • Inland truck export prices into Germany and Romania
  • Waterborne Europe/Africa cargo export price premiums or discounts to high-sulphur fuel oil (HSFO)
  • Waterborne Mideast Gulf and Asia-Pacific export prices

  • Delivered cargo prices into key consuming locations in Europe, Africa and Asia

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Key Features

  • Assessments for central Europe including Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania, both domestic and export prices for trucked shipments to importing markets like Germany and Romania
  • In-depth coverage of central European and Balkan bitumen markets, as well as mature European markets such as the UK and France
  • An African section focused on sub-Saharan countries, including price quotes for imports into Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya and Nigeria, as well as exports from Ivory Coast
  • An Asia-Pacific section with prices from the main Chinese refineries
  • Iranian export sales data for various grades and local Iranian market information
  • Freight movements and vessel information
  • Country-by-country import and export data
  • Industry relevant news
  • Transparent methodology

Data and Downloads

This service also features downloadable market data published in spreadsheet format, available only in Argus Direct.

  • Spanish construction tenders and bitumen demand
  • French bitumen imports by country
  • Spanish bitumen exports
  • Italian bitumen exports by country
  • Russian bitumen exports by rail

Market participants turn to Argus Bitumen for accurate and relevant bitumen pricing and market information to help them make informed business decisions. Argus understands bitumen markets locally and globally and continues to develop content by responding to the market as it evolves.


Argus Bitumen subscribers include refiners, suppliers, traders, shippers, brokers, contractors involved in highway work, construction industry executives, highway officials, cement manufacturers, government policy planners, financial institutions and asphalt additive and polymer manufacturers.

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