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Argus Global Markets

An Argus business intelligence service, published weekly

Argus Global Markets provides readers with intelligent analysis of the latest trends in the global oil markets and is essential for anyone involved in international trading. The service has been redesigned and offers easier to read tables, graphs and articles.

The report draws on Argus' daily oil price reporting resources to cover regional crude and products markets. Each issue will typically include feature articles on derivatives, arbitrage, market fundamentals and world trading.

The Argus Netback model has also been updated. Argus uses the model to calculate netback margins for a range of crudes in three key regional locations — northwest Europe, the US Gulf Coast, and Singapore. The netback margins are calculated using optimised refining margins, generated using our proprietary LP (Linear Program) model. The model calculates the variable margin (i.e. not taking into account fixed costs) that a range of typical refineries would enjoy from a range of crudes, under prevailing market conditions.

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Markets Covered

WTI dif North Sea Dated
  • Crude marker grades price assessments — including forward North Sea, WTI and Dubai
  • Crude spot prices — including North Sea Dated, Brent, Urals, Bonny Light, Forties, WTI, Dubai and Minas
  • European petroleum products
  • US petroleum products
  • Asia-Pacific petroleum products

Key Features

  • Topical editorial
  • News and analysis of the latest developments in the international oil market
  • Oil market overview
  • Argus Netback Model
  • Global crude prices and market analysis
  • European, US and Asia-Pacific petroleum products prices and market analysis
  • Futures market information
  • Freight rates
  • Fundamentals

Data and Downloads

This service also features downloadable market data published in spreadsheet format, available only in Argus Direct.

  • Americas spring and autumn refinery turnarounds
  • ARA and Singapore: Independent product stocks
  • Asia autumn refinery turnarounds
  • Asia-Pacific and Middle East refinery turnarounds
  • Asia-Pacific: Refinery crude throughput
  • Atlantic basin crude runs: EU 16, US
  • Brazil, India, Mexico: Oil exports, imports, refinery output
  • Crude and total product stocks: US and EU 16
  • Crude arrivals, liftings and stocks at sea in transit
  • Crude throughputs
  • Emerging markets: Oil products demand
  • Europe and Africa spring and autumn refinery turnarounds
  • France, Germany, Italy: Inland oil deliveries, stocks, refining
  • Global oil production and supply-demand balance
  • Global seaborne crude arrivals
  • Global supply and demand balance 2014-16
  • Inland oil deliveries: US, EU 5, Mexico, Argentina, India, Thailand, South Korea, Japan
  • Inland product deliveries
  • Iraq crude loading schedules
  • Japan: end-month crude and product stocks, trade, refining
  • Oil at sea, FSU and China data, Singapore runs, liftings and arrivals
  • Opec and non-Opec crude production
  • Russian pipeline crude exports and refinery maintenance
  • South Korea: Inland deliveries, trade and refining
  • UK: Inland deliveries, stocks, refining runs
  • US, Japan, EU-16 refinery output
  • US: Inland oil deliveries, stocks, refining, trade
  • World oil production

Argus’ daily oil price reporting resources allow Argus Global Markets to survey regional crude and products markets and provide readers with analysis of the latest oil trends.


Argus Global Markets is a must read for everyone involved in international oil trading. In particular, senior decision-makers in the industry will benefit from Argus’ insight into the crude and petroleum products markets.

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