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Argus Benzene Annual

The Argus (formerly DeWitt) Benzene Annual has provided an accurate update of the state of the global benzene market each year for the past 44 years, including a forward view of demand growth and new capacity.

The study provides a strategic summary and outlook for the global benzene market, covering production and consumption capacities down to individual plant level and inter-regional product flows. In line with the growth in the market, the scope of the study has expanded to include an extensive technology section, as well as a full list of producing and consuming units and supply-demand balances by country and region.

Benzene market balances are changing constantly and pricing is volatile. The Argus Benzene Annual helps you to:

  • Identify trends in production and consumption
  • Understand cost and price drivers
  • Assess developments in product balances
  • Estimate regional and inter-regional product flows
  • Compare competitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop strategies to exploit opportunities while limiting risk


"In 1973, global capacity and production were 17mn t and 14.7mn t, respectively, with 68pc of production originating from North America and western Europe. Asia-Pacific accounted for only 16pc of production, of which 90pc was in Japan. The Middle East barely registered as a producing region. By 2016, global production had grown to almost 45mn t, of which more than 55pc was in Asia-Pacific. In contrast, the share of production provided by North America and western Europe had fallen to 30pc..."

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Data & Downloads

This service also features downloadable market data published in spreadsheet format, available only in Argus Direct.

  • 2017 World Benzene Balances, with individual data sets for Western Europe / Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia / North America / Latin America / South and Southeast Asia / Northeast Asia / Africa and the Middle East
  • 2017 Benzene Annual Company Balances: Benzene production and consumption capacity by site and company
  • 2017 Benzene Annual Capacities: Capacity listing for the period 2012 to 2026 for benzene, its first-line derivatives as well as styrene

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