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Argus Hydrocarbon Resins Annual

The Argus Hydrocarbon Resins Annual presents a global and regional view of the hydrocarbon resins markets for 2017 and beyond. It covers feedstock supplier capability and competitive co-product materials outlooks. The report explains the key drivers behind the greatly greatly increased feed supply availability, the regional economic factors that influence supply/demand and the the importance of raw materials supplied from Asia-Pacific.


"Late 2016 and early 2017 have been marked by a large number of capacity addition announcements of hydrogenated resins. While some expansions are follow-ups to previously announced - although delayed projects - there are a number of notable new entries into the market, like Jinhai, Zeon, and Rütgers. With continued economic downturn and stabilized crude, naphtha and gasoline prices, there is more incentive for producers to upgrade the value of their molecules and expand downstream...."

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Key Features

  • Global tackifier capacity, production and operating rates

  • Hydrocarbon resin sales by region

  • Review of competitive technologies resins and their effect on hydrocarbon tackifiers

  • Analysis of ethylene crackers which provide crude C5 feedstock and monomer (isoprene, piperylenes and DCPD) production

  • Analysis of polymer markets use din hot-melt adhesive formulations

  • Changes in technology which effect monomer and polymer production for adhesive formulations

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